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ZHUFENG ALLOY (ZFA), the professional manufacturing enterprise of special ferro alloy for foundry, such as Nodulizers,Inoculants,etc, is composed of Zhufeng Special Ferro Alloy Co.,Ltd(Ningxia Plant), Zhufeng Special Ferro Alloy Co.,Ltd(Anhui plant), and Zhufeng International Trading Co.,Ltd.(Nanjing company). Both Ningxia plant and Anhui plant are manufacturing bases , in charge of production ,wholly-owned subsidiaries of Nanjing company. And Nanjing company is the management headquarter, in charge of technology research, sales and customer service.

Our firm has the total investment of more than one hundred million RMB, and covers an area of 55000 square meters, with a floor area of 16000 square meters. The management team owns more than 20 years production experience of special ferro alloy, and more than 10 years advanced management experience of joint ventures. Till now, the total expected production capacity of the two factories per year is about 60000 tons, and our annual sales volume has already passed 30000 tons.

The products of our firm have strict control of components. Nodulizers has good performance of reaction and absorption. Inoculants has great variety, can meet the production demand of FCD,FC,CGI and alloys cast iron. By the unique formula, mold pipe powder has the remarkable effect to remove the pin hole of pipe casting.

Main products:
Nodulizers, Inoculants, Mold pipe powder,etc, Used by foundry factory with great variety
Cored wire used by foundry factory

High degree of automation production equipment, improved environmental protection facilities, strict management standards, main equipment:
3 sets of 1MT & 1 set of 0.5MT medium frequency furnace
3 lines of automatic ingredients system
2 lines of automatic crush & sieving system
20 lines of semi-automatic crush & sieving system
3 lines of automatic packing system
6 lines of semi-automatic packing system
1 line of cored wire processing system

Our lab has the professional ability to test all elements of the product and physical specifications. The main testing equipment:
ICP spectrum
Atomic spectrum
Chemical analysis system and size distribution analysis equipment

The two factories which locate in northwest and southeast of China provide us with several competitive advantages such as abundant electricity resource, sufficient and stable supply of raw materials and convenient logistics service. Meanwhile, the excellent equipment of melting and screening, advanced production technology, impeccable physical and chemical detection means and bridle-wise employees and management team. All these elements provide us with a solid foundation to produce the high quality casting materials. Nowadays, our firm has already become an influential and celebrated enterprise of Inoculants & Nodulizers in China.

“Reliable credit, High quality products; Reasonable price, Considerate services” We will devote ourselves to provide more, newer and better special ferro alloys for the casting industry, and look forward to cooperate with more outstanding casting enterprises to explore more opportunities, conspire the development, and create the brilliancy together!


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